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#FSBL Building a Service Truck with Working Pneumatics #LEGO

PJ is building a technic set, and we’re learning about gearing and pneumatics. (He’s letting me be his assistant!)


Playing Roofball! Selfie. #FSBL

A game we used to love playing at Camp Sea Gull. JT and PJ loving #Roofball.

Scavenger Hunt. Riddles and Clues. #FSBL

PJ first made poetic clues for JT and me. Then, I made riddles for JT and PJ to follow to a prize. Does this count for #CriticalThinking badge?

Trebuchet prototype – Lego version #FSBL

JT, PJ and I have been watching a few episodes of Punkin’ Chunkin’ during break. And PJ’s been engaged in So…for some #FSBL and #DIY today, we made a Lego Chunkin’ trebuchet.

PJ started with a pencil prototype. Then, he looked up plans on the Web. Then, we built about 10-15 different iterative prototypes.

Our final actually blasts a Lego wall. We learned a lot about the structural reasons for the gravity-powered catapult!

A new adventure for the Adams boys – flag football #FSBL

PJ and JT trying out flag football. JT, under tutelage of coach @TylerThigpen, scores first touchdown on big swing run!

#FSBL PJ’s 1st HR 10-6-13!

PJ hit to deep center field and made an infield home run with great base running. Marking the occasion here!

#FSBL Drum Lesson – Streets of Atl

PJ and JT receiving impromptu drum lesson. Asking about drums attracting crowds.

#DiscoveryWalk #MVPSchool Thinking of campus as curriculum opps @scitechyedu @chrisandres003

Why are bike racks shaped like this?

#FSBL Fort Clinch – architecture, geometry, and geography

In addition to playing fort and soldier, boys are asking great Qs about location of fort and geometry of building. Fun learning about different arches and angles.

#FSBL Fort Clinch – why are forts pentagons?

PJ’s been asking why forts are built as pentagons. Fort Clinch has an exhibit explaining. He’s glued! More so, I think, than if we asked him to read it.