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Studio Time in #iDiploma

August 27, 2015

How might we use studio time in iDiploma?

  1. We can use studio time to allow students to explore their interests and add to their collection of knowledge

  2. How can we make studio time a lot of fun?

  3. We might use studio time by working on something we are interested in?

  4. i wonder if we could improve the space around us to improve our work flow

  5. I wonder if we could use studio time to help grow our passions, and to learn more about ourselves.

  6. It would probably be easier to answer, what wouldn’t we do during studio time?

  7. schw061 permalink

    We can use studio time to work on personal goals that are related to (i)Diploma

  8. We could use studio time in iDiploma to explore the ideas we have and to perhaps collaborate with other people and their ideas.

  9. maxinepeterson permalink

    How can our environment affect our efficiency during studio time?

  10. We could use studio time as working on our goals and being engaged.

  11. We should use studio time to continue to develop our tools and blogs.

  12. I think it would depend on how one defines studio time. Depending on your definition, it will change the way iDiploma uses studio time.

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